About 'Tine

Edited April 20, 2020

Christine ('Tine) Zekis is Software Engineer and former math teach who believes that education is the greatest tool for social justice. She combines her education background and web development skill-set to champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the tech industry, while delivering clean, well-tested code.

'Tine earned her BA from Washington University in St. Louis where she majored in African & African American Studies and Psychology and minored in Music. She went on to receive her MEd from DePaul University in Teaching & Learning - Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. She made the change to programming in 2015, attending Dev Bootcamp, Chicago.

In her spare time...just kidding: 'Tine has two children under the age of three. She has no spare time. She used to be an avid craftswoman, specializing in crochet and cross-stitch. She briefly taught swing dance in Chicago and spent a couple of seasons singing Alto II with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus.